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Nebrodi Albergo Diffuso – the authentic sicilian experience.

In the heart of the Nebrodi mountains, on the Northern coast of Sicily, ten traditional Sicilian villages promote a new form of tourism, based on an innovative offer of a pleasant stay in real Sicilian houses, in the context of the Nebrodi Park area. Kindness, warm welcome and cheerfulness are hallmarks of this community; culture, history and rural world represent the most wonderful examples of an ancient civilization. Visitor is able:

  • to enjoy the immeasurable landscape with typical trees, fauna as eagles and hawks; flora as medicinal plants; lakes, falls and rocks;
  • to discover the Greek, Byzantine, Norman, Roman, Phoenician heritage, represented by temples, churches, squares, traditional roads;
  • to taste the authentic and biological Sicilian cuisine;
  • to participate to the traditional events with local people

The Nebrodi Albergo Diffuso experience offers the privilege to stay in traditional Sicilian houses, in direct contact with the population, living the day as well as a common resident, spending the time to visit the territorial context following thematic itineraries: cultural, environmental and gastronomic, exclusively or mixing various experiences at the same time.

This new form of sustainable tourism considers environment as the most important factor to develop the local touristic economy; don’t built, just restore. Nature is the language to lead the visitor to an unique experience, cultural identity is the solution to maintain tradition and authenticity in the sites.

What the project offers: a pleasant stay in typical local houses, thematic itineraries, transport and participation to typical events. Transport: from and to Palermo, Trapani, Catania and Comiso airports. Transport along the Nebrodi area.

Municipalities involved: Capri Leone, Frazzanò, Mirto, Ficarra, Floresta, Galati M., Ucria, Longi, San Salvatore di Fitalia, San Marco D’Alunzio.

About 500 houses, available to host visitors.

More than ten different thematic itineraries:

1-the Gagini experience (sculpture and art);

2- the traditional food and wine experience (tasting Sicilian food and beverage);

3- the Greek and Phoenician experience;

4-the byzantine and roman experience;

5-the “in the wood” experience (artistic laboratories)

6- the religious experience (around churches);

7-culture and food experience

8- the nature and the greenways in Nebrodi Park;

9-nature and culture (mix of natural and cultural heritage);

10-discovering nature, learning culture, tasting food and wine (the most complete itinerary);

11-the local events in Nebrodi area.

What the project offers: a pleasant stay in typical local houses, thematic itineraries, transport, participation to typical events.

Transport: from and to Palermo, Trapani, Catania y Comiso airports. Transport along the Nebrodi area.

“to have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything”. (Goethe)

“Michelangelo Florio, real name of William Shakespeare, was born in Sicily, but in adulthood he emigrated to England because of religious persecution.” (Martino Juvara – professor of Literature University of Palermo).






Discovering the Christmas markets of Nebrodi Albergo Diffuso.
Live the real atmosphere of the Nebrodi local tradition, participating to the Christmas markets: local products “0 km”, music, traditional Christmas representation, tipical food etc…
From the 12th of December 2014 to the 6th of January 2015 you can enjoy the Nebrodi way of life.
Read the programme above.
Nebrodi Albergo Diffuso Pieghevole Eventi-Natale-2014Participation to TUR Goeteborg and EXPO 2015
The project “Nebrodi albergo diffuso” will participate to the touristic fair TUR Goeteborg 2015, from the 19th to the 22nd of March 2015 and to EXPO 2015 in Milan, May 2015.
Nebrodi Albergo Diffuso “the secret of Nebrodi”
We’re realizing the short movie “ Nebrodi Albergo Diffuso the secret of Nebrodi” dedicated to the Nebrodi Albergo Diffuso” experience, director Francesco Lama.